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Surgical department №1

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ADDRESS: 79010, Nekrasova str., 4, Lviv, Ukraine

HOSPITAL: Lviv regional clinical hospital, department of surgery #1 and #2, proctological department, Central Military Medical Clinic Centre of Western Region, Lviv #8 City Community Hospital

Phone: +380 (322) 786383, +380 (322) 786380, +380 (322) 786296, +380 (322) 786392, +380 (322) 755530, +380 (322) 786256



Oleksiy Lukavets’kyy

MD, PhD, Professor, Vice Rector for Clinical Work

Responsible for academic affairs

Taras Babyak MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Responsible for scientific affairs

Nina Boyko MD, PhD, Professor

Responsible for clinical work

Yuriy Mazur MD, PhD, Professor

Responsible for students scientific society

Roman Vaceba MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Responsible for official web site

Volodymyr Khomyak MD, PhD, Assistant Professor


MD, PhD, professor Lukavets’kyy O.V.; MD, PhD, professor Bojko N.I.; MD, PhD, professor Chooklin S.M.; MD, PhD, professor Mazur Y.I.; MD, PhD, professor Popyk M.P.; MD, PhD, associate professor Varyvoda Y.S.; MD, PhD, associate professor Dybas B.V.; MD, PhD, associate professor Kolomiytsev V.I.; MD, PhD, associate professor Babyak T.Y.; MD, PhD, associate professor Lozynskyj Y.S.; MD, PhD, associate professor Ivankiv T.M.; MD, PhD, associate professor Dutka Y.R.; MD, PhD, assistant professor Khomyak V.V.; MD, PhD, assistant professor Posivnych M.M.; MD, PhD, assistant professor Chookla R.O.; MD, PhD, assistant professor Vaceba R.Y.; MD, PhD, assistant professor Stoyanovskyj I.V.; MD, PhD, assistant professor Chemerys O.M.; MD, PhD, assistant professor Brylynskyy O.R.; MD, PhD, assistant professor Gavrysh Y.I.; MD, assistant professor Marina V.N.; MD, assistant professor Leoshyk O.V.; MD, assistant professor Beshley D.M.; senior laboratory assistant Magomayev R.M.; senior laboratory assistant Girnyak I.I.; senior laboratory assistant Novak O.Z.; senior laboratory assistant Farmaga T.I.; senior laboratory assistant Lozynska L.Y.; senior laboratory assistant Gerych G.I.; senior laboratory assistant Lishchuk B.F. 


Surgical department #1 of Lviv national medical university named by Danylo Galyckyj is one of the leading surgical department of Ukraine. In the medical faculty of Lviv university department was opened on May 25, 1897. It’s first head was Ludwik Rydygier (1850-1920), whose name is well known in surgery: first in the world performed gastric resection for a duodenal ulcer, was recognized authority in emergency surgery, urology, orthopedics, oncology, proctology and plastic surgery.

From 1944 for 29 years the department was headed by prof. George Karavanov (1899-1982). Under his supervision for the first time at Western Ukraine were performed operations on heart, was improved surgical treatment of goiter, was launched surgery of adrenal glands, were proposed new methods of esophagoplasty and resection of stomach, surgery of elephantiasis, liver cirrhosis and its complications. G. Karavanov was awarded the honorary title of Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine. His scientific heritage consists of more than 400 publications, including 12 monographs. Professor G. Karavanov trained 12 professors and 52 associate professors.

From 1976 till 2013 the department of surgery was headed by Mykhaylo Pavlovskyy - a student of Professor G. Karavanov. Doctoral thesis - "Portocaval-organ anastomosises in the surgery of liver cirrhosis" (1959), doctorate thesis - "Materials for adrenal surgery" (1970). As head of the department, Professor. M. Pavlovskyy from February 1981 to March 1998 - Rector of Lviv Medical Institute (University). In 1997, M. Pavlovskyj elected as a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Author of over 1000 scientific papers, including 16 monographs, 4 books, 21 invention certificates. Students of academician M. Pavlovskyy defended more than 55 PhD theses.

From 2013 to 2014 the department of surgery #1 headed professor Igor Gerych. In 1998 he defended his doctoral thesis "Purulent surgical infection caused by parenteral drug use: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment." From 2005 to 2008 - Head of the Department of Healthcare of the Lviv regional state administration, the head of the Ukrainian Medical Association in Lviv. From 2005 to 2010 - Member of the National Council for public health protection under the President of Ukraine, member of the Higher Academic Council of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, member of the Advisory Board at the Parliament of Ukraine on Public Health. The main scientific research directions are urgent abdominal surgery, sepsis, surgery of liver, Gilmore hernia, wounds healing, burns, surgical complications in patients with AIDS, prevention of septic complications in surgery, medical ethics. Author of over 400 scientific and educational works, including 20 patents for inventions, 6 books. Students of professor I. Gerych defended 6 PhD theses.

In 2014 the department was headed by professor Oleksiy Lukavets’kyy. In 2001 he defended his doctoral thesis "Autoimmune thyroiditis. Questions of pathogenesis pathomorphosis, diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment". He was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine in 2010. Author of over 130 scientific papers, including copyright certificates on inventions.


  • 4th year students (ukraininan and foreign (ukrainian-, russian- and english-speaking)) of dentistry faculty
  • 4th year students (ukraininan and foreign (english-speaking)) of general medicine
  • 5th year students (ukraininan and foreign (english-speaking)) of general medicine
  • 6th year students (ukraininan and foreign (english-speaking)) of general medicine

Thematic plans

I semester

Topics of classes and outclasses work, lectures for english-speaking students

Materials for practically-oriented state examination

Postgraduate education faculty Course of Proctology

The Department provides training in all areas of postgraduate education (internship, primary specialization, certification courses, topical advanced training) in "Proctology". Lozynskyj J.S. is one of the developers of educational plans and standard programs of HCM of Ukraine on specialization and pre-certification courses in "Proctology" in 2009.
During the existence of the course were prepared over 600 proctologists, annually raise skills in pre-certification courses and topical advanced training of about 30 trainees proctologist-surgeons, more than 100 surgeons, obtain a certificate about 7-10 listeners, go through cycle proctology about 50 residents from various specialities.

Educational literature


Topic of the scientific work of the department is „Improvement of diagnostic and surgical tactic with the use of traditional clinical, modern radiological methods of examination and minimally invasive surgical and endoscopical interventions in abdominal and endocrine surgery with the goal to improve direct and long-term results of patients treatment”, UDC 617.55+616.43/.45)-089.819-072.1-073.75, state registration number: 0110U002148, code: ІН.21.00.0004.10 (period of performance 2010-2015).

Range of scientific and practical activities of the department is extremely wide. The clinic traditionally develop surgery of the liver and extrahepatic biliary ducts, focal lesions of the liver, including primary and metastatic cancers, benign tumors, abscesses, parasitic and nonparasitic cysts.

The department was one of the first to develop in Ukraine surgery of portal hypertension. Introduced laparoscopic cholecystectomy, retrograde сholangiopancreaticography, papillosphincterotomy, endobiliary stenting, endoscopic cysogastro-cystoduodenostomy, endovascular intervention - embolization, chemotherapy, antibacterial therapy, and more. Constantly improving methods of pancreatoduodenal resection (Whipple maneuvre) for cancer of the pancreas, resection of its tail and pancreaticojejunostomy in patients with chronic pancreatitis. Much attention was devoted to the study of the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of acute pancreatitis, pancreatic pseudocyst, its hormonally active tumors.
Successfully developing surgery of esophagus , gastric and duodenal ulcers, colon, including the improvement of operations in patients with malignant tumors and complications of inflammatory bowel diseases - Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis; surgical aspects of rehabilitation of patients with stoman in cases of inflammatory bowel disease; diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases of the colon, surgical treatment of complicated diverticulitis. Many works devoted to the purulent-septic complications of wound infection. Treatment of septic and hemorrhagic shock, the use of hemodialysis and limfosorbtion, plasmapheresis.
Long-term fundamental research devoted to the pathomorphosis and features of the course, methods of medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands, including hyperparathyroidism, nodular, thyrotoxic and recurrent goiter, thyroid cancer. The clinic staff were among the first in Ukraine to perform laparoscopic adrenalectomy and video-assisted parathyroidectomy.

Among other problems that do not fall out of sight of the clinic staff are: improving diagnosis and treatment of gastrinoma, insulinoma, apudoma. Introduced laparoscopic surgical treatment of hormonally active tumors and sclerocystosis of ovaries, surgical correction of congenital malformations of genitals.
Large number of papers were devoted to the immunological aspects of surgical diseases of the endocrine organs and abdominal organs, consequences of splenectomy, the peculiarities of energy metabolism, the study of mediators of inflammatory response in patients with acute abdominal diseases.
Academician M.P. Pavlovskyj with the group of authors twice was awarded the State prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology for a series of scientific papers "Development, theoretical basis and clinical application of new methods of surgical treatment, detoxication and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the liver and bile ducts" (1986) and "Thromboembolism of pulmonary arteries branches and posttromboembolic pulmonary hypertension: diagnosis, treatment and prevention "(2000). Academician M.P. Pavlovskyj has trained 15 doctors of medicine (5 of them are workers of the department) and more than 40 candidates of medical sciences (PhD), created a scientific school of surgeons.
Employees of the Department are involved in international randomized clinical trials ("Open, multicenter study in the effectiveness and safety for comparing two treatment algorithms in patients with Crohn's disease moderate and severe degree" (M11-271), "Multicenter, randomized, placebo controlled, double-blind study in two parts drug TRK-170 for treatment of Crohn's disease ", (TRK-170)).

Department staff over the last 5 years has published more than 300 scientific papers, 3 books and manuals, 8 inventions.

Treatment and consultation work carried out on the basis of surgical departments #2 and #3, as well proctologic department of the Lviv regional clinical hospital. Medical care is provide by 11 employees of the department of the highest qualification category of surgery, 4 – with the first and 4 – with the second.