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Department of Normal Physiology

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Year of foundation: 1895.

 Head of Department:
Professor Zayachkivska Oksana Stanislavivna MD, Dr. of Med. Sc.


associate professor Savytska Maryana Yaroslavivna, MD, PhD,
tel./fax: +38(032) 260 3007


  • Professor M.R. Gzhegotskyi, MD, Dr. of Med. Sc., Professor O.S. Zayachkivska, MD, PhD, Dr. оf Med. Sc., Associate Professor S.M. Kovalchuk, Ph.D, Associate Professor M.M. Kondro, MD, Ph.D, Associate Professor L.B. Kutsyk, MD, Ph.D, Associate Professor O.I. Melnyk, MD, Ph.D, Associate Professor O.G. Mysakovets, Ph.D, Associate Professor L.V. Panina, Ph.D, Associate Professor Yu.S. Petryshyn, MD, Ph.D, Associate Professor O.I. Terletska, Ph.D, Associate Professor Yu.V. Fedorenko, MD, Ph.D, Associate Professor O.I. Chupashko, MD, Ph.D, Assistant R.O. Piniazhko, MD, Ph.D, Assistant M.Ya. Savytska, MD, Ph.D, Assistant M.M. Vanivskyi, MD, Assistant  L.G. Gatalyak , MD, Assistant I.M. Kovalchuk, MD, Assistant N.I. Kupynyak, Assistant I.O. Pshyk-Titko, MD. 
  • Senior laboratory worker: Ye. I. Samokysha, MD, I. D. Tsiupko, MD, O. M. Chaikovska, M. I. Bolesta,  M. Ya. Demyaniv, Z. R. Stodilka, O. I. Yavorska
  • Graduate Assistant N.V. Sukhodolska, MD
  • In process of obtaining scientific degree: L.Yu. Bezpalko, MD, N.R. Hrytsevych, MD



    is a main support of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine in the fields of: physiology in the sphere "Medicine" – 1101 in the fields 7.110101, 7.110104, 7.110105, 7.110106, 5.110102, 5.110201, 6.110100 – general medicine, pediatrics, medical prophylaxis (2nd year of study, the Faculty of Medicine), pharmacy (full-time and extramural forms, 1st year of study of the Pharmaceutical Faculty and 1st and 2nd years of study in "Clinical Pharmacy"); distance learning – period of study: 4.5-5.5 years)). For 2nd year of study students of the Faculty of Medicine lectures are delivered on "Fundamentals of Neurophysiology", and for the 4th year of study students – on "Clinical Physiology."


    • Finding new and improved diagnostic methods for early detection of possible deviations of normal physiological state of a person.
    • Development of the methods for the study of the digestive system, evaluation of skin-resorptive toxicity of xenobiotics coming from the aquatic environment, diagnosis of pre-patologic states of organism in physiological and toxicological experiments.
    • Research of criteria for assessment of functional and metabolic systems of an organism for the purpose of revealing their adaptive andcompensatory abilities with changing of endo-and exo-environmental conditions and for identifying of preventive and therapeutic measures to correct functional changes in human organism .
    Since 2011, research on planned research topics has been carried out: "Study of functional and metabolic reserve of stress-limiting systems under extreme conditions with the purpose of identifying effective ways of its correction" (period of study: 2011-2015).
    The Department operates editors of scientific and practical journal "Experimental and clinical physiology," Chief Editor – Prof. M.R. Gzhegotskyi, MD. Tel. / fax: +38 (032) 2757591

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    Study guides:
    • Ass. Prof. Yu. S. Petryshyn, MD, Assistant M.M. Vanivskyi, Ass. Prof. O.I. Chupashko, MD, V.P. Krupin, I. V. Schalko. Eponymic functional states, symptoms, syndromes, diseases in physiology and medicine. A study guide. - Promdruk: Luhansk, 2012. - 480 p.
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    • Mother and child / Translated from English. / Scientific editing V.M. Besedin, Prof. M.R. Gzhegotskyi, MD, O. V. Volosovets, Prof. O. S. Zaiachkivska, MD and others. - Lviv: BaK, 2007. - 256 p.
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    • Defining vocabulary of common medical terms. Second edition, revised and updated / V.P. Krupin, Assistant M.M. Vanivskyi, Yu. H. Breydak, H. B. Krupina - Lviv. - 2010. - 821 p.

    Probation periods:

    1. Professor O. S. Zaiachkivska, MD, International Ulcer Week 2012, July 12-14, 2012, Tokyo, Japan
    2. N. R. Hrytsevych, Professional training course on the fundamental problems of gastroenterology / UEGF Professional Trainee Course February 2-4, Stockholm 2012
    3. Professor of Sciences O. S. Zaiachkivska, MD,University California Irvine SCIRE Research and Diagnostic Molecular Medicine Grand Round series, February 2-4, 2012.
    4. Assistant M. Y. Savytska, MD, Professor O. S. Zaiachkivska, MD, 19 Joint European Gastroenterological Week, Barcelona, 2009 (19th EUDW Barcelona 2009)
    5. Assistant M. Y. Savytska, MD, Professor O. S. Zaiachkivska, MD, 18th United European Gastroenterological Week London 2009, 18th EUDW London 2009

    In cooperation with:

    • Department of Physiology (Head - prof. Tomasz Brzozowski) Jagiellonian University (Poland Krakow.)
    • Clinic "Elbe" lab. Jan Konturek, Hamburg University (Stade, Germany).


    Student Scientific Group
    1. Students of Faculty of Medicine, members of Student Scientific Group of the Department M. Yu. Zvir, A. V. Adamovych , A. V. Philipskyy (supervisor: Professor O. S. Zaiachkivska, MD): Prize of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and the Association of Higher Medical Educational Establishments of Ukraine for significant advances in scientific activities.
    2. A student of the Faculty of Medicine, a member of Student Scientific Group of the Department, M. Yu. Zvir (supervisor: Professor O. S. Zaiachkivska, MD): 1st prize at International Medical Students' Conference, Jagiellonian University, The Medical College, Apr 12-14th 2012, Kraków , Poland.