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Pharmacology department

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79010, Lviv. Pekarska, 69

Phone: +380 (32) 276-78-21

Head of the Department
Oleg Romanovich Pinyazhko
, PhD, Dr. of Med. Sc., Professor, Head of the Regional Office of the State Pharmacological Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Lviv region).


Staff of the department:

  • Responsible for scientific work— Havrylyuk I.M., associate professor, PhD;
  • Responsible for educational work — Ivankiv O.L., associate professor, PhD;
  • Aleksevych Ya.I.- senior scientist,  PhD., Dr. of Med. Sc.; Lisnyak O.I. - associate professor, PhD; Chykailo I.P. - associate professor, PhD; Poshyvak O.B. - assistant professor, PhD; Antoniv O.I. - assistant professor;  Lozynska R.V. - assistant professor; Zastryzhna M.L. - assistant professor; Myronenko S.I. - assistant professor;  Kuzminov O.B. - assistant professor;  Koropetska N.Yu. - assistant professor; Nyektyehayev I.O. - senior laboratory technician; Semiyon-Lychyshyn O.V. - senior laboratory technician; Hoisak N.R. - senior laboratory technician.

Students of all faculties of the university attend the course of pharmacology taught at the department. Pharmacology is taught to:
  • students of the medical faculty – 3rd year;
  • students of the dentistry faculty – 2nd-3rd year;
  • students of the pharmaceutical faculty (“Pharmacy” (full and distant form of learning) and “Clinical pharmacy”) – in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th year.

For foreign students lectures and practicals are conducted in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages. Elective course "Adverse effects of drugs" is taught to the students. For intern-doctors of all specialties course "Medical prescriptions and pharmacovigilance" is conducted.

Thematic plans of pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology was established in October 1897, three years after the third opening of the medical faculty at the University of Lviv. The organizer and first head of the department was Dr. Vaclav Sobyeransky (1860-1902), a disciple and follower of eminent scientists: pharmacologist O. Shmideberh and physiologist Karl Ludwig. In 1903-1904 pharmacology was taught by part-time professor Jan Prus, Head of pathological physiology department. In 1905 professor Leon Popyelskyi (1865-1920), representative of St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy, chaired the department. He collaborated with such eminent scientists as I.R. Tarkhanov and I.P. Pavlov. From 1925 to 1939, the department was headed by professor Wlodzimierz Koskovsky (1893-1965). In 1940 the department was headed by prof. B. Wolter from Moscow, who died in the first days of the war. In autumn of 1944, after the liberation of the city from German occupation, management of department was taking by associate professor Theodore Kovshar, and subsequently in January 1946 he was changed by professor Yu. Petrovsky (1901-1957). The main focus of this time research work was on the effects of pharmacological agents on the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system and uterus. Big attention was paid to the training of scientific personnel, students of professor Yu. Petrovsky later chaired a number of pharmacology departments in Ukraine. In September 1957 department was chaired by professor Anna Havrylyuk (1907-1974). Starting from 1957 the teaching staff of the department under the supervision of professor A. Havrylyuk engaged in identifying and studying of biology of new systems and natural compounds - potential therapeutic agents. In 1973 professor R.Rudy, the student of professor Yu. Petrovsky, chaired the department.

In recent years in the the department worked as PhD students and successfully defended their dissertations E. Sklyarov, O. Gafari, O. Piniazhko, I. Havrylyuk, I. Chykailo, O. Poshyvak. Since 1998, the Department of Pharmacology is chaired by professor Oleg Romanovich Pinyazhko. Under his supervision in the department the following research work is provided:

Pharmacological screening of novel molecules – potentially biologically active compounds from a number of thiazolidine derivatives:

  • Anticonvulsant properties of  thiazolidine derivatives;
  • Immunomodulatory properties of thiazolidine derivatives;
  • Anabolic properties of thiazolidine derivatives;
  • Hepatoprotective and antyfibrinolytic properties  of thiazolidine derivatives;
  • Antihypoxant properties of thiazolidine derivatives and amaranth oil.

Post-registration monitoring of side effects of registered in Ukraine drugs in Lviv region.

The Department operates Regional Office of the State Pharmacological Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Lviv region).

Main results of the department:

  • In the department were completed and defended 6 doctoral and 33 PhD works, 2 PhD works will be soon performed for defendant;
  • Staff of the department has 628 scientific articles published in leading national and international journals, received 12 certificates, 54 certificates of rationalization proposals, published 3 monographs and 5 manuals.
  • In the department were identified and thoroughly studied psychotropic, fibrinolytic and antiallergic properties of diamifen, which was recommended by pharmacological committee for industrial production as a thrombolytic agent.
  • In the department were developed and implemented two novel forms of Thiotriazoline: ointment and rectal suppositories.