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Department of organization and economics of pharmacy

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75 Pekarska str., Lviv, 79010, Ukraine

tel. (032) 276-86-39, 276-85-81


The department is situated in the building of educational and industrial pharmacy, 3-rd floor

Head of the department 
Bohdan Hromovyk, DSc , Professor;

Staff of the department:

  • Bohdan Hromovyk, DSc, Professor
  • Andrij Datsko - PhD, associate professor;
  • Nataliya Yarko - PhD, associate professor;
  • Oksana Levytska – PhD, associate professor (responsible for science);
  • Iryna Horodetska - PhD, associate professor (responsible for studing);
  • Oleksandra Korniyenko - PhD, associate professor;
  • Nataliya Hanyk - PhD, associate professor;
  • Dzvenyslava Hrushkovska - PhD, associate professor;
  • Iryna Chuhraj - assistant;
  • Artem Horilyk - PhD, assistant;
  • Sofiya Shunkina - PhD, assistant;
  • Puzanova Inna - assistant;
  • Pankevych Ostap - assistant;
  • Bohdanna Herynovych - laboratory assistant;
  • Iryna Herasimova - laboratory assistant;
  • Marjana Bobko - laboratory assistant;
  • Nataliya Levytska - laboratory assistant;
  • Mariya Kopij - laboratory assistant.

The main stages of development:

  • 1948 – the discipline "Organization of pharmaceutical business" was introduced in the educational process of pharmacists training (teaching was conducted at the department of Health Care).
  • September 19, 1964 - the department of organization of pharmacy was established by separating of the same course from the department of Health Care and  course of medical commodity from the department of technology of medicinal forms and herbal medicines – (S.L. Voskoboynik - head of the department PhD, associate professor, O.S. Matsyak, S.I. Sinhalevych, P.D. Kurash - assistants).
  • 1968-1983 - R.M. Pinyazhko, DSc, Professor - head of the department, author of 150 scientific and educational works, three monographs, textbook. He prepared two doctors of sciences and 12 PhD. R.M. Pinyazhko  was the first Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ukraine and USSR, who had made a significant systemic and strategic contribution to the formation and development of one of the most important pharmaceutical scientific disciplines – «Organization and economics of pharmacy».
  • The creative didactic achievements of prof. R.M.Pinyazhko were embodied in the study program and learning guides of a new discipline "Fundamentals and methods of management in pharmacy". The eponymous training material, because of its ideology, structure and content, became the basis for further educational editions of management in pharmacy.
  • 1983-2012 - Prof. O.L. Hrom was head of the department. He was author of over 300 scientific and educational works, including 2 monographs, 2 training manuals, 2 reference books. Prof. O.L. Hrom prepared 10 scientists with PhD degree.
  • In March-December 2012 - A.J. Datsko PhD, associate professor  performed the duties of the head of the department. He is author of 150 scientific and educational works, including 2 monographs, training manual and 2 reference books.
  • He is author of more than 520 scientific, teaching and methodical publications, including 14 monographs and 6 textbooks, 13 training manuals, 1 reference book.

Educational and organizational work

The department provides training for students of pharmaceutical faculty on specialties "Pharmacy" and "Clinical Pharmacy" (full-time and part-time studies) and for pharmacists interns on specialty "General Pharmacy".

The department of organization and economics of pharmacy provides undergraduate training of pharmacists on following disciplines, specializations and practical trainings:

  • organization and economics of pharmacy;
  • pharmaceutical management and marketing;
  • medical and pharmaceutical commodity;
  • pharmaceutical legislation;
  • ethics and deontology in pharmacy;
  • labour protection in pharmacy;
  • specializations: "Organization of regulation of pharmaceutical industry" and "Research of pharmaceutical market";
  • introductory practice of organization and economics of pharmacy;
  • functional practice of organization and economics of pharmacy;
  • functional practice of pharmaceutical management and marketing;

The department conducts postgraduate pharmacists training for internship cycles on specialty "General Pharmacy" and provides administrative assistance of correspondence internship for pharmacists in Western Ukraine.

The department operates a system of continuous pharmaceutical education AdFarm S.A., which consists of three educational platforms (undergraduate education, postgraduate education and the creation of new knowledge), that are designed for students and pharmacist interns self-study.

Scientific work

Directions of scientific research

Scientific research is dedicated to the development of theory and practice of pharmaceutical management and didactics, which is continuation of the scientific school of Prof. R.M. Pinyazhko.

The main scientific achievements of the department:

  • the work for creation of museum of pharmacy history had been begun;
  • study program and learning guides of discipline "Fundamentals  and methods of management in pharmacy" were elaborated and implemented in the plan of pharmaceutical training ;
  • the idea of consolidation of clinical, industrial and communal pharmacy and the principles of specialization of pharmaceutical institutions was grounded;
  •  recommendations for  optimization of drug providing, manufacturing of sterile solutions in pharmacies and  the models of optimization of the activities  were elaborated;
  • the first educational and industrial pharmacy in Ukraine was designed and organized ;
  • the ways of improving work of drug quality control service, pharmaceutical management personnel, business activities of pharmacies, drug providing of the population and activity of pharmaceutical companies for drug promotion;
  • the method of informational search for perspective plants and forming optimal phytocomplexes for  treatment of various diseases was developed;
  • the methodological fundamentals of drug providing of ophthalmological and otolaryngological patients, patients with tuberculosis and other socially dangerous diseases, patients with mental disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, menopausal disorders in women, as well as family planning (contraception) were scientifically processed;
  • theoretical regulations and methodological approaches of pharmaceutical logistics as a modern concept of drug providing policy at different levels of management were elaborated;
  • the management and economic training of pharmacists in system of continuous pharmaceutical was designed, especially educational web-platform AdFarm S.A. was implemented.