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Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Perinatology FPGE

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The Address
 79032, Lviv, Vashynhtona Dzh. str.,6 
Ph. +380(322) 701744





Head of the Department
Pyrohova V. I. - MD, Professor





Staff of the Department

  • Associate Professors: I.V. Kozlovskyi, PhD in Medicine; V.V. Tsysnetskyy, PhD in Medicine; L.I. Holota, PhD in Medicine; O.E. Oshurkevych, PhD in Medicine; T.P. Yaremchuk, PhD in Medicine; O.A. Korchynska, PhD in Medicine; N.E. Marchenko, PhD in Medicine; M.V. Grokhovska, PhD in Medicine.
  • Assistants: E.F. Chaykivska, PhD in Medicine; I.I. Ohabska, PhD in Medicine; A.G. Misyura, PhD in Medicine; M.I. Gritsko, PhD in Medicine; M.I. Malaschynska, PhD in Medicine; V.G. Korniienko, PhD in Medicine; N.S. Veresnyuk, PhD in Medicine; R.O. Semchyshyn, PhD in Medicine; S.O. Shurpyak, PhD in Medicine.
  • Senior Laboratory Assistants: G.I. Malanchuk, T.V. Pertsovych, B.M. Korchynskyj.

History of the Department

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Doctors and Qualified Pharmaceutical Chemists Improvement Faculty was founded on April 20, 1965. The first Head of the Department was Professor Lesiuk V. S. since 1965 till 1972. Since 1973 till 1977 the position of the head of the Department was held by Professor Stupko O. I., since 1977 till 1999 – by Professor Sozanskyi O. M., and since 2000 till present time – by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Pyrohova V. I.

Educational Activities of the Department

The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Perinatology of the Postgraduate Education Faculty conducts training of scientific and pedagogical personnel for Higher School and applied health protection of Ukraine and foreign countries according to Master’s degree program, part-time and full-time post-graduate education program, and clinical residency. Over 70 highly-qualified specialists for a number of countries of the world (such as Somalia, Ghana, Kenya, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Bolivia, Tunisia) and Ukraine had been prepared at this department since 1976 till 2012. During the last 10 years 30 obstetrician-gynecologists have studied at clinical residency, post-graduate education, and Master’s degree program.

Under the leadership of Professor Pyrohova V. I. the post-graduate education of obstetrician-gynecologists is constantly improving. In 1999 the department conducted pre-attestation educational cycles and only three cycles of thematic improvement. Since 2000 the department has started post-graduate training of pediatric gynecologists at pre-attestation educational cycles, and has developed the program and conducted the cycles of thematic improvement, specialization and internship of obstetrics and gynecology and pediatric gynecology. Since 2001 a course of obstetrics and gynecology for general practice doctors, emergency doctors as part of internship, pre-attestation educational cycles, and specialization cycles has been established.

Treatment and Consulting Work

Clinical Sites of the Department are Lviv Regional Clinical Perinatal Center, OKHMATDYT Lviv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, Gynecology Departments of Municipal Emergency Clinical Hospital of Lviv, Lviv Regional Reproductive Health Centre.

Main directions of diagnostic and treatment work of the department are:

  1. study of etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of habitual non-carrying of pregnancy;
  2. study of epidemiology, etiological aspects, pathogenesis, diagnostics, medical and surgical treatment of benign neoplasm of uterus and uterine appendages;
  3. diagnostics and treatment of pathology of perimenopausal period;
  4. study of efficiency, metabolic influence, perinatal results of hormonotherapy in gynecology;
  5. improvement of treatment methods of pelvic inflammatory diseases and infertility, caused by causative agents of sexually transmitted diseases;
  6. study of epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostic criteria, hormone and surgical treatment of external and internal genital endometriosis.

Prof. Pyrohova V. I. – Head of the Department

  • Presidium Member of Association of Obstetrician-Gynecologist of Ukraine.
  • Member of working group of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for giving orders and clinical protocols for obstetric-gynecologic aid.
  • National expert of planned parenthood and reproductive health.
  • Member of Adjudication Committee of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for maternal mortality.
  • Member of Coordinating Committee on obstetrics and gynecology at Main Department of Health Care of Lviv Regional State Administration.
  • Member of editorial board of magazines: Practical Medicine, Reproductive Endocrinology, Neonatology, Surgery, and Perinatal Medicine, Female Doctor.
  • Member of Attestation Committee at Main Department of Health Care of Lviv Regional State Administration.

Academic and teaching staff of the department takes part at rounds, clinical discussions, pathologic anatomy conferences, operative interventions, clinical elaborations and practical implementation of modern methods of diagnostics and treatment. Staff of the department conducts operative interventions as follows: corrective plastic surgery in case of abnormal development and prolapse of genital organs, laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy, total transvaginal hysterectomy, total hysterectomy, supracervical uterus amputation, myomectomy, Le Fort operation, Caesarean section, laparoscopy (diagnostic and operative), ovarian and fallopian tube surgeries, hysteroscopy, and minor gynecological surgeries.

Academic teaching staff conducts an expert assessment of the patient medical records of perinatal death rate, professors are constant members of Committees of Chief Department of Health Care of Lviv Regional State Administration for analysis of cases of maternal mortality, obstetric complications, internal investigations and appeals. Visiting cycles of consultations at Lutsk, Rivne, and Khmelnytskyi are conducted if necessary.

International Cooperation

The Department collaborates with the Department and Clinics of Obstetrics and Perinatology of Medical University of Lublin on urgent issues of obstetrics and gynecology. Joint scientific and research projects, joint conferences and symposiums are conducted.

Since 2011 on the base of the Department the interactive telesimulation training of obstetricians-gynecologists, surgeons and urologists on main laparoscopic skills has been conducted due to joint Canadian-Ukrainian project with the participation of M. Gorkyi Donetsk National Medical University.

Social Activities

The department takes care of patriotic and cultural education of internship doctors and cadets during their study period. The department organizes round-table discussions on burning issues of social life, achievements of national and world medicine, celebrations and traditions of Ukrainians, excursions to the sights, museums, and theatres of the city.

Mass media often publish articles about and interviews with Prof. Pyrohova V. I. on urgent issues of female health, in particular in such newspapers as: Vysokyi Zamok, Express, and in the framework of the project Zdorov Bud! of TV channel ZIK.