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Department of public health management FPGE

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69b Pekarska Str., Lviv 79010 

Tel. +380 (32) 275-92-43; +380 (32) 275-95-36

Fax +380 (32) 2759536




Professor, Doctor of Medicine Oleh Lyubinets, M.D., Ph.D.

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Associate Professor Taras Gutor, M.D., Ph.D.

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  • Associate Professor Ivan Furtak, Ph.D., M.P.A., M.Th.
  • Associate Professor Iryna Parobetska, Ph.D.
  • Senior Lecturer Orest Khodor, M.D.
  • Assistant Professor Ihor Dutka, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.A.
  • Assistant Professor Olha Oleksiuk, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Assistant Professor Jaroslaw Hrzhybowskyj, M.D.
  • Assistant Professor Yaroslav Pylypets, M.D. 
  • Assistant Professor Andrii Oliinyk, LL.M., Advocate


The teaching work of the Department is arranged in the following manner: 

  • training specialists majoring in “Organization and Management of Health Care”;
  • pre-attestation enhancement for students within the major of “Organization and Management of Health Care”;
  • conducting courses for theme-specific enhancement of head doctors, deputy head doctors in medical work, in examination of incapacity status, in polyclinic work, for doctors-statistics, methodology experts, officials of health care administrations and departments within the major of “Topical Issues in Organization of Health Care”, “Organization of Providing Emergency Aid on a Pre-hospital and Early Hospital Stage”, “Reforming Health Care System in the Present Times Within the Framework of Reform Initiative of the President of Ukraine”, “Valeological Aspects of Medical Practice in the Framework of Health Care Reform in Ukraine”, “Reforming Health Care System in the Present Times in the Framework of autonomy of Medical Institutions”;
  • conducting courses in “Organization and Management of Health Care” for the students majoring in “General Practitioner – Family Medicine”;
  • conducting courses in Medical Statistics”, “Marketing and Management in Health Care System” for the first year resident practitioners;
  • conducting courses in “Organization and Management of Health Care” for intern doctors majoring in “General Practitioner – Family Medicine”. 

The curriculum focuses on the issues of management in operation and improvement of the current health care system, as well as highlights pressing issues of managing institutions and organizations of medical and preventive institutions and organization of diagnostic and treatment process under present conditions in Ukraine and beyond. Lectures, workshops and seminars touch upon the issues of methods of organization and management, planning, forecasting and economics of health care.

From the conception to January 1, 2014, the Department has conducted 311 training cycles for professional enhancement of medical institutions managers. During this period, over 8718 students have undergone training. The main target group, as stipulated by the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine, comes from the Western regions of the country.

Some practical sessions and seminars are conducted on the basis of medical preventive institutions. The Department relies on the following practical bases: Lviv Regional Medical Information and Analysis Centre; Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital; Lviv Regional Treatment and Diagnostics Oncology Centre; Clinical Hospital of the Lviv Railways; Lviv Regional Specialized Centre for Radiological Care for Patients; Lviv Regional Centre of Emergency Aid and Medicine of Disasters; Lviv Municipal Health Centre No. 5; Lviv Municipal Health Centre No. 6; Hospice Municipal Hospital; Regional Health Centre; Zolochiv Central District Hospital; Kholodnovidka Out-Patient Clinic for General Practice and Family Medicine; Out-Patient Clinic for General Practice and Family Medicine of Zymna Voda; Out-Patient Clinic for General Practice and Family Medicine of Zibolky;Euroclinic Medical Center LLC; Medis Company; St. Paraskeva Medical Centre Ltd., Hemo Medica Ukraine Ltd., a.o.


Over the years of its work, the Department has supervised research work on management of primary medical and sanitary care, arrangement of day patient facilities and home-based in-patient facilities of family medicine. The results of this work established academic basis for the following initiatives:

  • development of policy, strategy and tactics for the enhancement of health care system in Ukraine;
  • development of methodological approaches to research managerial processes at health care institutions and bodies;
  • improvement of primary medical and sanitary care;
  • development of community based medical care;
  • development of the day in-patient facilities for out-patient institutions;
  • development of general practices and family medicine, development and implementation of automated workplace for a family doctor;
  • raising economic efficiency of bed capacity at in-patient facilities;
  • enhancing state governance in health care system. 

Since 2012, the Department has been in charge of the research in ‘Organization of Medical Service Management System (as Integrated with the Standards, Hospital Protocols and Diagnostics Groups).’

Jointly with practical health care institutions and facilities, the Department staff works on promising trends to improve medical and sanitary care. There are numerous academic links and contacts with researchers from Poland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Great Britain, USA, Croatia, Russian Federation, and the Republic of Belarus. The lecturers of the Department participated in international research and practical forums in Poland (Warsaw, Lublin, Zielona Gora, Rzesow), Hungary (Budapest, Debrecen), Romania (Suceava), Russia (Moscow), Czech Republic (Jihlava), Slovak Republic (Ruzomberok).


At the Department, one doctoral and six candidate theses have been defended. Over the time of work, the Department staff published over one thousand works, 18 monographs and 9 manuals, as well as 28 information letters, methodological recommendations and syllabi approved by the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine. Eight copyright certificates were received.

The Department staff initiated and organized over 190 research conferences, over 1000 seminars, disputes, round-tables, and discussions. Most of the meetings were held in cities and district centres of Lviv, Volyn, and Rivne regions, as well as medical and preventive facilities of the city of Lviv. They were geld jointly with the Regional and City health care departments, Lviv Institute of Public Administration at the National Academy of Public Administration at the President of Ukraine, Regional Health Centre, Regional Clinical Hospital and other medical and preventive institutions.

In 2007-2012, the Department staff initiated and participated in six All-Ukrainian research and practical conferences (five of them international) “Medical Law of Ukraine” on topical issues of enhancing medical law of Ukraine and other countries, involving researchers of law, managers from the health care system, heads and employees of medical institutions from more than 20 countries.

In 2008, we hosted a research practical internet-conference with international participants in ‘Health Care Management’ dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Department of Health Care Management of the Faculty of Post-Graduate Education of Danylo Halytskyy Lviv National Medical University.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Department, in accordance with the register of conventions, congresses, symposia, and research conferences (as adopted by the ministry of Health Care of Ukraine), on April 18-20, 2013, the University hosted a Ukrainian-Polish Symposium ‘Experience, Reality, and Prospects of Health Care System Development’. It hosted over 200 researchers, among them over 100 participants from Poland, Belarus and Slovak republic.

The Department was the first in Ukraine to work with the topic of family medicine. The department staff developed a legal basis for the field, and also participated in an experiment ‘Family Medicine’ in the city of Lviv, which laid the foundation for the implementation of family medicine in Ukraine.

In 1997-2002, the Department staff have been academically supervising the experiment at health care facilities of the town of Komsomolsk of Poltava region. In 2001-2004, they have been academically supervising the experiment to develop an automated work place for family doctors on the basis of a family medicine out-patient facility in the village of Zibolky of Zhovkva district, Lviv region.

In May 1998, the Department of Health Care Organization and Management became the first in Ukraine to launch the lecture course and practical seminars in Biomedical Ethics.

The lecturers of the Department participated in the development of the draft law on the ‘Legal Basis of Ukrainian Law for Health Care’. In 2004, the lecturers of the Department (O. Lyubinets, I. Seniuta) created the first syllabus in ‘Medical Law’, further published by the Ministry of Health Care, for the students of the faculty of post-graduate education of higher medical schools and post-graduate schools of the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine.

In response to the Order of the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine No. 88 dated February 17, 2004, the Department staff are participating in the working group activities to develop the mechanism to fund and allocate resources in accordance with the levels of providing medical services in Mykolayiv region.

The Department staff takes part in the work of Advisory Board in Health Care Issues of the Committee of Health Care at the Supreme Council of Ukraine (I. Furtak), of the Coordination Council on Family Medicine Development in Lviv region at Lviv Oblast State Administration (O. Lubinets, I. Furtak), certifying commission to certify health care managers at the Main Department of Lviv Region State Administration (O. Lubinets).

In response to the Order of the Ministry of health Care of Ukraine No. 550 dated August 30, 2011, the Associate Professor of the Department I. Furtak is involved in the working group activities to develop an integrated model for coordinated medical and social care on the level of a district in Kherson region.

In response to the Agreement on cooperation between the department and Lubomyl central district hospital of Volyn region in 2011-2012, the Department staff was involved in the development and creation of Local Medical Association “Unified Medical Environment of Lubomyl and Shatsk districts of Volyn region”.

The Department staff assisted in establishing cooperation of administrations of Zhytomyr Institute of Medical Nurses (Rector Professor V. Shatylo) and the Institute of Medical Nurses and Health Sciences of Rzeszow University (Poland), and of Lviv Regional Association of Medical Nurses (President I. Shevchuk) with Regional Association of Medical Nurses and Midwives of the region of High Tatras in the Slovak Republic (President L. Kober) and the Main Administration of Medical Nurses and Midwives of Poland (President H. Rogala-Pavelcik, Vice-president T. Vadas).

The Department established close links with the Polish Society of Social Medicine and Public Health (President Professor A. Owoc), Institute of Rural Medicine of the Ministry of Health Care of Poland (Acting Director A. Gorokh, M.D.), State Higher School named after Jan Grodko in the city of Sanok (Rector E. Cipora, M.D.).

In the framework of the Department’s cooperation with the Regional Institute of Public Administration at the National Academy of Public Administrtion at the President of Ukraine, in 2008, it was held an academic forum ‘Issues of Medical Self-Government in the Countries of Europe’ involving heads of Pars-Parsi Ramin Medical Society of Germany and Finnish Medical Society of Siukosari Ukka (Alma Mater newspaper No. 1, 2008).

The department has a custom to invite lecturers from leading foreign experts in public health issues. In 2007, there was a lecture on ‘Problems of Public Health in Global Medicine’ for the students of the courses delivered by a Fulbright scholar professor David Nordstrom from the University of Minnesota, USA (Alma Mater newspaper No. 2, 2007). In 2011, the courses for the students were delivered by the professor from Public Health College of the University of Kentucky, USA, Raymond Hill. In 2012, there was a lecture on ‘Risk Factors for Heart Disease: Significance and Preventive Measures’ by professor Josef Novotny, senior lecturer of health studies at the Higher Polytechnic School of the city of Jeglava, Czech republic (Alma Mater newspaper No. 10, 2012).

The Department developed and implemented new organizational forms for medical care, such as day in-patient facilities, hospital units with day stays for patients, diagnostics units (microdiagnostics centres) at central district and city hospitals, family-based medical and sanitary care, use of unconventional medicine in treatment and diagnostics institutions.

At present, the Department hosts a friendly team who prepare new generations of experts for Health Care field. They are conscious of the history and track record, and also have a clear vision of current and future goals in organization, planning, management, forecasting and economics in the present Health Care system of Ukraine.