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Львівський національний медичний університет

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Department of rehabilitation and alternative medicine

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Lviv Branch - 79049, Lviv, 68, Chervonoi Kalyny Avenue

tel. +380 (32) 23-604-23

tel / fax: +380 (32) 221-44-90


Truskavetska Branch - 82200, Truskavets 31, Suhovolya street,

tel / fax: +380 (3247) 6-71-01

Head of Department - Lukyan Andriyuk, MD, Professor.


  • Docent Labinskyy Andriy – Ph.D., 1989 - defense of Ph.D. dissertation, scientific specialties - neurology, traditional and alternative medicine, responsible for the scientific work of the department;
  • Docent Matsko – Ph.D., associate professor, 2001 - defense of Ph.D. dissertation, scientific specialties - hygiene, traditional and alternative medicine, curriculum director, responsible for educational work of the department;
  • Assistant Semenova Svitlana– Assistant, scientific specialties - therapy, traditional and alternative medicine, responsible for clinical work of the department;
  • Assistant Hrabous Oleksiy- Assistant, scientific specialties - obstetrics and gynecology, traditional and alternative medicine, responsible for tutorial work of the department;
  • Assistant Magulka Iryna - Assistant, scientific specialties - neurology, reflexology, trade-union leader of the department;
  • Assistant Yatsyuk Volodymyr - PhD, Assistant Professor, 1990 - defense of Ph.D. dissertation, scientific specialties - internal medicine, urology, gastroenterology;
  • Assistant Zavyalova Olha - PhD, Assistant Professor, 2009 - defense of Ph.D. dissertation, scientific specialities - physiotherapy, nutritiology, resort studies;
  • Assistant Fedyaeva Svitlana –- PhD, Assistant Professor, 2011 – defense of Ph.D. dissertation, scientific specialities- physiotherapy, therapy
  • Assistant Krugliy Yuriy - Assistant, scientific specialties - herbal medicine, physical therapy;
  • Senior laboratory technician Buga Nadija
  • Laboratory technician Andriyuk Petro
  • Laboratory technician Terletska Yaryna


The Department conducts postgraduate training of doctors by specialities:

  • "Manual therapy",
  • "Reflexology",
  • "Traditional and alternative medicine",
  • "Physiotherapy",
  • "Therapy",
  • "Dietetics",
  • "Gastroenterology".

Thematic cycles:

  • "Manual Therapy for neurologists, traumatologists, rehabilitation therapy, reflexologists, internists",
  • "Alternative medicine therapy for internists and neurologists",
  • "Application of preformed physical factors in the pathology of internal organs for physical therapists and internists",
  • “Aspects of Gastroenterology for gastroenterologists”

and pre-attestation cycle in Truskavets for doctors of spa facilities, as well as thematic cycles: Homeopathy, Su-Jok therapy, Hyrudotherapy, apitherapy, electroacupuncture diagnostics by Fol, Nakatani.

The staff of the department issued methodological manuals for practical seminars for doctors by cycle specializations "traditional and alternative medicine" and "Reflexology", cycle of thematic improvement "Manual reflexology of vertebrogenic pathology" pre-attestation cycle "Reflexology."

According to the Decree of Ministry of Health of Ukraine personnel of the department took part in the development of programs and curriculum of cycle by specialization "traditional and alternative medicine" and pre-attestation cycle "traditional and alternative medicine."

Training of specialists is carried out according to schedules of cycles and includes lectures, practical classes and seminars.

Courses of specialization are conducted In Truskavets:

  • «Gastroenterology"
  • «Dietetics"

Pre-attestation cycles:

  • «Physiotherapy"
  • «Gastroenterology"
  • «Dietetics."

Practical classes are held in clinical centers of the department, located in health resorts "Moldova", «Truskavets kurort" ("Crystal", "Rubyn", "Vesna"), Rehabilitation SPA center "Med-Palace".

In rehabilitation SPA center "Med-Palace" the newest technologies of domestic Balneology and physiotherapy are used, as well as the world's best achievements of medicine; various procedures, including the unique properties of mineral water resort Truskavets and widest choice of balneoprocedures;

Complex treatment of chronic diseases: liver, gallbladder, biliary tract, stomach and duodenum, intestines, disorders of genitourinary system, diseases associated with metabolic disorders and musculoskeletal system are provided in the health resort "Moldova".

In the sanatorium gas-discharge chamber is established, which enables to construct human biofield, observe its changes and assess the dynamics of the processes occurring in the body.

Doctors have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with modern techniques of climatotherapy comprising climate and Dead Sea mud treatment, salt mines.

During the cycle, the following forms of studied material control are used:

  • Oral survey after each theme (control issues and discussions presented in each methodological d theme).
  • Written survey on the program of basic and final control
  • Clinical examination of patients test of practical skills
  • Analysis of patients’ clinical data, the ability to conduct an examination of patient, make a diagnosis and to compare it with classical acupuncture diagnosis.
  • Solving situational problems, test control of basic and final levels on each theme.
  • Examination.



The staff of the department carry out research of traditional and alternative medicine, resorts study, physio- and reflexotherapy in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with chronic vascular diseases of the brain, biliary tract diseases, liver, immuno deficiensies and menopausal conditions.

The main studied methods of traditional and alternative medicine include: manual therapy, reflexology, homeopathy, herbal medicine, apitherapy, hyrudotherapy, electropuncture techniques, iridology, Su-Jok therapy, nutritiology.

The main areas of research are:

  • rehabilitation of patients with cerebrovascular disorders, vertebral diseases and peripheral nervous system disoders;
  • rehabilitation of patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive efficiency of methods of hand-foot (Su Jok) therapy in gynecologic pathology, as well as algorithms of Onnuri medicine in complex therapy of internal and neurological disorders;
  • clinical and pathogenetic substantiation and effectiveness of therapeutic diagnostic algorithms for alternative medicine and rehabilitation, including homeopathy, iridology, electroacupuncture diagnostics in the complex treatment of patients with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Clinical work

Clinical work of the Department is conducted in clinical centers:

  • 4 municipal community clinical city hospital,
  • Lviv interregional center of social, employment and medical rehabilitation,
  • Lviv Regional Rehabilitation Hospital
  • 6th City municipal community hospital in Lviv
  • Spa resordes "Moldova", "Crystal", "Rubyn", "Vesna", "Dnipro-Beskyd", "Diagnostic Center" and Balneology Hospital in the city centers.

In these centers assistants treat patients themselves and associate professors and professors provide expert advice.

Among medical diagnostic and rehabilitation techniques developed by the department staff the following are highlighted:

  • method of hyrudotherapy in complex rehabilitation therapy in post-stroke patients
  • method of examination of patients with diabetes mellitus according to human biological rhythms,
  • aromatherapy in the treatment of vertebral and neurological diseases
  • technique of manual diagnosis and correction of extra vertebral, vertebral and joint diseases,
  • method of complex rehabilitation of patients with vascular diseases of the central nervous system,
  • Su Jok (hand-foot) correction of vegetative-vascular disorders in the climacteric syndrome in women with hypertension,
  • method of homeosynatric - reflex treatment of chronic cholecystitis ,
  • method of irydo-homeopathic diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of diseases.


Over the past five years the staff of the department have published more than 120 scientific works. Among them: 5 monographs, 10 teaching aids, 52 articles in medical journals, about 70 in collections of conferences, congresses, symposia and other periodicals. Teachers participated in forty-two medical conferences, conventions and congresses.

Department is basic in traditional and alternative medicine in Ukraine, and coordinates all areas of work among specialized departments of medical universities in Ukraine.

Arsenal areas of traditional and alternative medicine have been expanded in recent years in many departments. Accordingly, this is reflected in the new programs of specialization and certification courses that are developed by the Department according to the decree of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The Department received four patents for invention, 1 certificate, issued two newsletters, introduced four innovative letters.

Over the past 5 years 1 doctoral thesis, 5 PhD theses have been defended.

7 scientific conferences have been Conducted on the basic of the department.

Issued by:

  • monographs - 5;
  • teaching aids - 12;
  • guidelines - 8.
  • Published scientific articles - 81.

87 scientific reports have been done in plenary and section sessions of congresses, conferences, symposia, including - 4 in European Union countries. Results of research of the department are implemented into the scientific process of Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi medical universities and hospitals in Rivne, Volyn, Transcarpathian regions.