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Львівський національний медичний університет

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry

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79010, Lviv. Pekarska, 69 B
Tel / Fax: (032) 2607225

Head of Department:

MD, Professor Kordiyak A.J.

  • Vice-head of Department: PhD, assoc.prof. Kukhta V.S.
  • Administrator of scientific work: assoc.prof. Telishevska U.D.
  • Administrator of student`s scientific work: assist. Nemish T.Y.
  • Administrator of webpage of Department: assist. Yarychkivskyy V.R.
Teaching staff:
  • MD: prof. Makeyev V.F.; assoc.prof. Ilyk R.R.
  • PhD: assoc.prof. Kukhta V.S.; assoc.prof. Zaliskyy B.M.; assoc.prof. Kuziv S.P.; assoc.prof. Zavadka O.Y.; assoc.prof. Matviychuk O.Y.; assoc.prof. Shcherba P.V.; assoc.prof. Chuchmay I.G.; assoc.prof. Telishevska U.D.
  • PhD. Assistants: assist. Tyshchenko V.I.; assist. Nemish T.Y.; assist. Oliynyk H.V.; assist. Segal M.M.; assist. Klyuchkovska N.R.; assist. Dydyk N.M.; assist. Kohut O.K.; assist. Styranivska O.Y.; assist. Zavoyko O.B.; assist. Guniovska R.P.; assist. Martynek G.B.; assist. Gunovska R.P.; assist. Shybinskyy V.Y.; assist Mykyyevych N.I.
  • Assistants:  Pidlisnyy R.V.; Yarychkivskyy V.R.; Kulinchenko R.V.; assist. Solonko M.Y.; assist. Cherpak M.O.;

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry located in the Medical center of Danylo Halytskyy Lviv National Medical University:

  • The new building of the Medical center: 5 clinical rooms and 2 classrooms  (678 m ²). Clinical rooms are equipped with 21 dental units.
  • The old building of the Medical Center: 2 clinical rooms (92 m ²). Equipped with 14 dental units.
  • 2 training laboratories (28 m ².), for the study of laboratory stages of prosthetic dentures fabrication, as well as for scientific research.
  • Phantom class with 18 working places.
  • Ceramic Laboratory.
  • Laboratory of functional diagnostic.

In the Department provides open access to the Internet via a wireless network (Wi-Fi) for students.

Educational and organizational work

Teaching work