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Львівський національний медичний університет

Department of therapeutic dentistry

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69в, Pekarska Str., Lviv ,79010, Ukraine
phone: +38(032)2769372, 2754977
fax: +38(032)2769372



Volodymyr M. Zubachyk

Doctor of Medical Science. Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine


  • Responsible for the academic work of the department – assoc. prof. Pasko O.O. (PhD)
  • Responsible for the scientific research of the department - assoc. prof. Dovhanyk V.V. (PhD)
  • Associate professors: Hrynovets V.S. (MD, PhD), Riznyk S.S. (MD, PhD), Ripetska O.R. (MD, PhD), Synytsya V.V. (MD, PhD), Soulym Yu.V. (MD, PhD), Khoroz L.M. (MD, PhD), Tsvykh L.O. (MD, PhD).
  • Assistants, MD., PhD: Barylyak A.Y., Buchkovska A.Yu., Dvulit I.P., Demchyna H.R., Lisnichyk M.V., Petryshyn O.A.
  • Assistants, MD: Hysyk M.V., Holejko M.V., Deneha I.S., Zubachyk O.V., Ilchyshyn M.P., Lychkovska O.L., Nohachevska I.I., RiznykYu.B., Fedun  I.R., Furdychko A.I., Yarychkivska N.V.
  • Senior laboratorians: Borys H.Z., Ilnytska Y.A., Lisokon Y.Yu.
  • Postgraduate student: Iskiv M.O.


Academic and organisational work

Training experts of dentistry on speciality of “Therapeutic dentistry”. The budget/contractual based training is conducted  in Ukrainian, Russian and English. 

  • II year – introduction to therapeutic dentistry;
  • III year – diseases of hard dental tissues, pulp and periodontium;
  • IV year – periodontics;
  • V year – pathology of oral mucosa, Pre-graduate Internship. 
  1. Curriculum
  2. Training agenda.
  3. Schedule time of final module controls.
  4. Schedule time of working off the missed practical lessons.
  5. Plans of lectures and practical lessons
  6. Materials related to arrangement of students’ internship.
  8. Module I, 2nd year:
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    2. Module_control_N1,_II_year_(questions).doc
  9. Module 2, 2nd year:
    1. Module_control_N2,_II_year_(MCQ).doc
    2. Module_control_N2,_II_year_(questions).doc
  10. Module 3rd year
  11. Module 4th year
  12. Module_control,_V_year_(MCQ).rtf

Teaching guide and guiding works


Interdisciplinary subject of the research paper to be performed by the department staff: “Reasonable grounding for using dental products and elaboration of optimal methods for preventive treatment and rehabilitation of the patients with odonto-periodontal pathology”. New mechanisms of pathogenesis of periodontal inflammatory diseases ( role of thrombin and plasmin system in pathogenesis and sanogenesis of periodontium damage, correction of tissue microvasculature of periodontium, condition of antioxidant-prooxidant system during inflammatory diseases of periodontium, dysbacteriosis of oral cavity, immune diseases, treatment and preventive measures as to the treatment of periodontol diseases by the drug users and smokers, effect of pro-inflammatory markers on the patients with endo-periodontal pathology). Test models of different dental diseases are available.

Methods of treatment the inflammatory periodontal diseases by coformulated medicines based on the antioxidants , hemo-correctors, antiinflammatory and membrane-active products were elaborated. Modern treatment modalities directed on using pro- and synbiotics, citrus bioflavonoids for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from generalized periodontitis were provided.

Nano-laser disinfection of root canals were suggested and new methods of treating the apical periodontitis by using germicides were introduced. Aspects and treating patients with combined endo-periodontal pathology are being studied. Indexes of odonto-, gingival glyphics, gum bleeding and their mathematic estimation were proposed.

Noninvasive methods of teeth discoloration correction by applying of medical products based on the peroxide carbamide, aesthetic restoration of frontal teeth using composite materials were introduced.


The clinical base of the department is a medical center of Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University  ( Lviv, 69в,  Pekarska Str.) 27 experts of academic teaching staff, 3 senior laboraty assistant,  19 resident physicians provide a high-level assistance in the medical center. Besides, 16 members of nursing and paramedical personnel work in the clinic. The majority of the departments members acquired the highest qualification grade. The residents of Lviv and Lviv region, workers of Danylo Halytskyi National Medical University are provided with a high-skilled medical and dental care in the clinics of restorative dentistry. The department also provides regular examinations for the students of the medical university.

Dental assistance is rendered to patients with various dental pathology: dental caries and its complication, diseases of the periodontium and oral mucosa. Daily consultations were provided to the local residents of Lviv region by associated professors in according to the list of appointments with the dentist.  Such consultations are under personal control of the head of the department.

The department members regularly contribute up-to-date scientific achievements into the practical dentistry. Their researches are evidenced by the patents and implementation in the branch register of the Ministry of Health care. Clinical work at the Department of Restorative Dentistry is carried out on the highest level in compliance with today’s requirements. Highly-qualified specialists render dental care to patients with different level of dental problems.


The international research project “Experimental research on the subject of the influence of laser therapy on hard tooth tissues” in cooperation with Viennese (Austria) university dental clinics is being implemented. Joint scientific researches highlighting the problems of periodontics, influence of ionising radiation on hard tooth tissues and mucosa, laser appliances and nanotechnologies in  dentistry are investigated in cooperation with The International Association of  Dental Research (USA), Medical University of Silesia (Poland), “Heraus Kulzer” Company (Germany), The Ukrainian Institute of Dental Studies (Odessa), P. Shupyk Kyiv National Medical Academy (Kyiv), The Ukrainian scientific center of nuclear medicine (Kyiv), Center of laser diagnostics and therapy (Lodz, Poland), Department of laser technology of Vinnytsya technical university, Institute of physics of the National Academy of Sciences.


The main aim of the student’s scientific society (SSS) is to engage talented young people into the development of modern dentistry by means of studying modern technologies achivenments of the world science, acquiring experience in research activity and skills in scientific inquiry.

The SSS of the Dept. of Restorative Dentistry is the largest at the Faculty of Dentistry consisting of 26 students. The students scientific society is headed by a 4-th year st. Yaryna Havryshkevych.

The subject of students research is diverse: dental caries and its complications, pathology of periodontium and oral mucosa. 8 researches were submitted to the 73rd scientific conference. The works were carried out and reported by the students of the 3rd year of studies: K.Vyshnevska, H.Plyuta, L.Savitska, Ya.Havryshkevych), 4th- year students: M.Sydor, Yu.Shvydko, and 5th-year students: Yu.Bedriychuk, Ye.Petryshyn. Yaryna Havryshkevych  (scientic adviser Yu.Riznyk assistant) was awarded diploma for the best student’s research.

The members of the society organized the charity act “Make a step towards children” dedicated to St. Nicholas’ day. Four orphan homes in Lviv region were embraced by this action.


The teaching stuff of the Department are tutors of the 2nd-year dentistry students (6 - 12th groups).

The aim of patriotically educational work is the development of nationally-conscious, intelligent, well-trained students in their occupation and future graduates of the university.

Main trends of work:

  • Students’ self-administration;
  • Conception of intellectual and ethic position – as an opposition to anti-state actions committed by the authorities in regards with the language law.
  • Reconnaissance of the history of eminent and undeservingly forgotten Ukrainian families;
  • Fields of study;
  • Forming the conditions for creative development, self-criticism and own standpoint.

The exposition of the museum illustrates the development of dentistry as a medical specialty, development of Lviv’s school of dentistry, materials about doctors, professors, tutors who made theire contribution into the dentistry development since the 18th century. The instruments and equipment exhibited in the museum enable to understand the ways of providing dental assistance in the period of the 18th -19th centuries. The exhibition of the instruments is divided in accordance with the following sections: therapeutic, orthopedic dentistry, etc. Also, there are demonstrated patterns of mechanic, mechanic-electric dental drilling machines and chairs dated to the end of 19th century, patterns of educational documents of the first and second part of 20th century. The portraits of the prominent professors who conducted practical at our Alma Mater are presented in the museum. The icon of St. Appolonia – patroness of all dentists is exhibited in the museum. Also, a collection of books and manuals related to different stages of dentistry development can be observed in the museum.

We invite all who wish to visit the museum of dentistry and those who have some interesting materials, documents, etc. concerning the dentistry development are welcomed to take participate in the enrichment of the exposition.